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i lie awake at night thinking of

all the flowers we touched

the plants whose magic we drank


i drown myself in thoughts of you

i think of all that you say

in between your words


passion builds

like pressure inside a sweating metallic tank

steam escapes through the seam of my lips

imprisoned by pondering

reexamine, redefine, pioneer, persevere

quarantine is no stranger to me

hiatus in the hills

promenade across the mountains

the cosmos is my confidante

quarantine is no stranger to me

isolation and creativity collide

scribble the sacred

watercolor love story

quarantine is no stranger to me

i gave you a box of water balloons for your birthday

a childhood game! you thought

the enclosed card implored,

"throw each one from the balcony

onto the sidewalk below.

hurl them. make them splatter."

it said,

"i need you to do this for me."

i wanted you to feel

the lightness of dropping

as gravity sucked them to the ground below

i wanted you to hear

the sound of the rubber morsels burst

as water splashed the pavement

i needed to feel

the lightness of falling

i needed to hear

my insides splat

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