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precious rock,

starlit speck

i saw me from 3.7 billion miles away

we were embracing

i was listening

the finch that befriended us in February

songs seeping from your trumpet

cold water in the well

this quiche i am composing

i saw them all from 3.7 billion miles away

and they were already gone

my sweet snippets, evaporated

but those snippets belonged

love gave them to me

and this vapor of a life -

i drank it

morse code fireflies at moonlit midnight

glitter in the oak tree canopies of our backyard

climbing cucumber plants garnish the southern side of the cabin

their escalating yellow blossoms like sparks rise from fire

sunday morning's placid fog above the French Broad

reflects the viridian landscape of the heart

you humbly smile, as you discern

the love notes i have sent you through Nature

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