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after dark you finally tell me your truth

doped words dribble down your chin

flowing along wrinkled pathways

collecting in the watershed of your face

all truth pools in the right corner of your beard

and now you have a shiny grey patch

strands of ash frozen in the fire of your face

the drunken duke's sparkling silk sachet

i pine for the day you grey all over

i wanted wisdom

i got trials

i wanted vulnerability

i got pain

i wanted freedom

i lost what i loved

i wanted god

i saw myself

i wanted truth

i got relevance

i wanted beauty

i lost validation

i wanted stability

i got uprooted

i wanted a partner

i had time to love myself

i wanted to travel

i got lost in my own town

i wanted wealth

i got experiences

i wanted fame

i got family

i wanted you

i got me

i wanted what i wanted

i got what i needed

blessed springtime, you are our great hope

bright forsythia, you are our breath

dogwood and cherry blossoms, you are our heartbeats

languid creeks, you are our blood lines

Mother nature, we are the lives inside your life

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