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last sunday i had the opportunity to be interviewed on the radio here in Asheville by James Navé. we talked about writing, relationships, and we shared poems. i give advice to folks who are curious about writing and don't know where to start. i talk about being a dirtbag and a farmer.

take a listen! i hope you enjoy.


a joyful meditation

feels like happiness in a void

realizing that contentment

is dependent on nothing

outside of myself

the divinity i carry inside

is my most precious belonging

floating on smooth summer air a hot breeze seeps into the mountain pass the aroma of cinnamon earthy and humid, it envelops my face like opening my mother’s oven thanksgiving morning

your pheromones came to me on the wave of the sticky evening air i breathed you in i devoured all the oxygen from the valley greedy and gorged like thanksgiving evening i succumb to the aromatic hangover stargazing on my back in the soft grass

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